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I'm a one man band (loop artist) from Rockford, Illinois and I perform primarily around Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin (formerly Metro Detroit too). I write and perform my own songs, but not exclusively.

Being a "loop artist" means that I incorporate a loop pedal in my live performances and, at times, a slew of effects for texture and added sonic depth. All of those elements help create a sonic landscape for many of the songs I perform. Although the technology is there, I don't prerecord anything so I can ensure the audience gets the full, live experience, faults and all.

I have played all types of events and locations throughout the years (weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, retirement parties, corporate events, church functions, holiday parties, hockey games, farmer's markets, roof tops, living rooms, backyards, garage sales, street corners, etc.) so feel free to contact me if you want me to play at your event/establishment.

I could continue telling you what I do, give you a list of musical influences, favorite bands, etc., but my influences are ongoing and not necessarily always musical, making it nearly impossible to pin point and unfair to pigeon hole. If you're still interested, here's what you need to know: I love music. I love peopleI love creating music about people for people. (That almost makes me sound like a politician. Rest assured, I'm not.) If you are reading this that means that you are capable of making your own decisions and coming to your own conclusions. I welcome you to do that.


Not just with my music but in life. 

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